service descriptions

HIGHLIGHTS - traditional foiled highlights

BABYLIGHTS - an extremely fine weave of highlights that create a gorgeous, natural blend in the hair, and really help to brighten all over! Perfect for those looking to go  lighter, but still want a natural look and out growth. 

BALAYAGE- hair painting technique for soft, natural lift 

(creates a sunkissed look with tons of dimension) 

FOILAYAGE - a hair painting technique performed inside of foils to achieve maximum lift. It is best for those wanting to achieve the natural look of balayage while reaching the bright, blonde results we all love. This is typically a low maintenance service. 

(face framing, top, sides, and back)

ROOT TOUCH UP - permanent color applied to roots to cover gray or unwanted tones


ALL OVER COLOR - root touch up with glaze or demi gloss applied to ends

COLOR MELT - a combination of permanent and demi permanent colors used to tone and blend after a lightening service

(it is recommended for those wanting to cover gray and tone)

LOWLIGHTS - demi permanent color used to add dimension

BASE COLOR - permanent color used in between foils to cover gray


TIP OUT - lightener is applied to ends using balayage techniques

(brightens up dull and brassy pre-lightened ends that need some love)

ROOT SMUDGE - demi permanent color that blurs the line of demarcation

(creates a seamless blend and gives a traditional highlight a more modern look)

GLAZE - toning gloss that adds shine and cancels out unwanted pigments. 

(It is the perfect way to refresh old color in between appointments)

PLATINUM - the highest level of blonde. It is typically glazed to create a white or pearly sheen. This service is extremely detail oriented and time consuming. It is a very high maintenance color. I only recommended it if you are ready for frequent appointments and intense (expensive) care at home. 


CREATIVE COLOR - starts with platinum so be prepared to sit for a long time before we get to the fun part. This service is for those who are bold and fearless. I only recommended this if you are prepared for frequent appointments and intense (expensive) care at home.



CORRECTIVE COLOR - varies greatly depending on hair condition


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