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trichology services

TED consultation

Are you interested in finding out what TED treatments can do for you? Choose this service if you would like to have your complimentary 15 minute TED consultation in person, at the studio. 

If you would like to schedule your TED consultation and your first treatment together, please choose: TED CONSULTATION + TREATMENT.


You will receive an invoice and the full payment must be received before approval. 


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hair + scalp analysis

Maybe you're experiencing an itchy scalp? Maybe you've noticed more hair shedding than usual? This is the place to start if you'd like to understand what might be going on and how you may be able to reverse your symptoms.


Choose this service if you're looking for a thorough analysis of your scalp and hair. 

scalp therapy


  • indulge in a customized scalp treatment and hair masque, hot towel with healing essential oils, eye mask and extended scalp massage with the slow drip of the waterfall for ultimate relaxation

$75/$125 w/blow dry



  • Ozone therapy reduces inflammation, removes buildup and dry skin from the scalp while simultaneously nourishing the hair follicles. Your custom treatment will promote new growth AND lock in moisture throughout your existing hair strands, reducing frizz and preventing future breakage. 

  • includes customized scalp treatment and hair masque with a relaxing steam mist, light therapy. after your ozone treatment is finished you will be pampered at the shampoo bowl with a hot towel, eye mask and thorough scalp massage

$100/$150 w/blow dry



  • You don't have to choose! You can indulge in both therapies for the ultimate healing, luxurious and relaxing experience.

  • Includes full OZONE THERAPY and full WATERFALL THERAPY.

$175/$225 w/blow dry


  • molecular hair treatment that reverses damage leaving hair smooth and shiny

  • can be added on to any treatment for $20

TED treatment series (paid in full)

Once you have paid your full invoice for your TED treatment series, you are able to book your individual appointments starting with #1, #2 and #3. You will need to book these as close to exactly 4 weeks apart as possible. You can also just book your #1 and we can schedule your next two treatments together at your first appointment.

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